I’m MK and I’m the founder of Pascobi Design.

I’m an American who now calls Scotland home, but I help clients on both sides of the pond. I refuse to call cookies biscuits, but I do promise I’ll spell color with a “u” if you’re on the Scottish side!

I started Pascobi Design after noticing how many ineffective websites there are in the world of business. Which is a shame, because a good website can make sales so much easier.

Poorly structured sites and pages with so many animations you can’t find the menu are two of my biggest pet peeves. And they're usually the pet peeves of potential clients as well. And peeved clients take their business elsewhere.

I’m here to help you avoid that and impress your potential clients! Let me take your jumble of passion and turn it into a cohesive and coherent website that converts.

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Random Facts About Me

I love to travel! I’ve been to 28 countries over 4 continents. My goal is to make it to all 7 continents.

I met my husband while on a backpacking trip. He’s why I live in the UK now.

I have a German Shepherd puppy who is both the light of my life and the bane of my existence.

I would probably eat ranch dressing on everything if I could.

I spent seven years working in theatre and events before pivoting to graphic and web design.

My life’s ambition is to be a redhead.

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